Meet Roz

Hello, my name is Rosalind, and I write.  A lot.  It’s part of my calling. And I kinda love it. It makes me so happy when when people read or watch and enjoy things that I have written.  I have been writing since I learned how to read.  I learned how to read around 4.  My first novel, The Wages or the Gift, (a book that I did not write at four. ;)) is newly released and available for purchase. For a while this blog will be largely comprised of articles, stories, interviews pertaining to that story.  Please read, please share, please give me feedback.  I love feedback.

If you have discovered this site because you have already read The Wages or the Gift and found my invitation to visit my blogs, I am super excited that you are here!  Please leave comments and give your thoughts on the story!  Also please, go by Amazon and Goodreads and leave a review there as well. 🙂



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