A Flashback Friday Video Review

Okay, granted Flashback Friday may not be an official thing, but it is for me on this particular Friday.  The following video review was one of my very first reviews.  When I offered a review copy to this lady, I had no idea what kind of books she read/published (she owns a small press as well as writes).  To both of our surprises, she writes erotica while I write Christian Fiction.  Still, she was very gracious and did the review anyway.  So I am posting it here today.  #FlashbackFriday #MayNotBeAThing #CreativeLicenseIsMySuperpower



Going Live Tonight…

I am going live again tonight at 7:00 PM Central.  I was invited to speak on my love of bringing stories to life for a group called WNL Virtual Author Promotions.  I think I will be able to share the video after I am done, but I am not sure.  I also am not sure if the group is public enough that anyone can watch the live feed.  We shall see.