The Wages or the Gift is coming soon!

Hello Readers!   

Welcome to my author page.  

My journey as a writer started a long time ago.  In fact, I hardly remember a time in my life when I wasn’t a “writer”.  I started writing stories in elementary school.  The Wages or the Gift is my first novel, and I am super excited to reveal it to the world this month.  Currently I am waiting for a “proof” copy to arrive.  After I get it and work out any kinks.  I will launch the book.  The plan is to have it out in time for the Christmas shopping season.  

Here is some information from the back cover:

Death is sin’s recompense, and for Prestige Modeling Inc., payday has arrived. But who’s signing the check, a revenge hungry madman or a higher power?

Mathan Cigainerro and Jamal Asaad find out in The Wages or the Gift. Each man suffers from encounters with a high-society rave organization called Phase 126. Prestige Modeling Inc. is a lucrative front for the biannual party. When supermodel Ebony Reynold, a born-again believer, stumbles upon evidence that could threaten the entire operation, she and her friends find themselves on a dangerous journey to uncover the truth and shine light on two desperate souls. 

Basically, it is a Christian Suspense novel set in the fashion world.  This book was a lot of fun to write.  The story started with a dream.  I had a dream about two young men in a hospital waiting room.  I believe in my dream they were twins, and although one of the young men in the first scene of my novel is a twin, the two in the waiting room are merely best friends.  

Some people may be wondering why I chose to write this novel in third person.  I know first person is very popular these days, but I actually really enjoy third person omniscient. So basically, I did it because I wanted to. 🙂 Seriously though, it works well with the story.  My second novel is in first person.  First person worked better with that story.  That’s what it comes down to usually.  Write what works best for the characters and the world you’ve created for them.  I think readers appreciate that.  I know, as a reader, I appreciate it.  

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