An update on my progress…

Tuesday morning, the day after I wrote about waiting for the proof copy, I got a message saying that the book was in Tulsa.  I was overjoyed of course, completely giddy.  That day I went to pick it up on my lunch break, and I have been reading it since then.

I am currently on Chapter 5, making my way through to 27 once again.  I am looking for any printing mishaps or other errors that I can catch before I declare it ready for public consumption on a massive scale.  There have been a few uh oh’s here and there, but I will say this, I am enjoying reading the book.  Though I have been reading this story for years, I still enjoy it.  I hope that’s a good sign.

I am hoping to finishing going through it this weekend, and to make the necessary updates next week.  Then I will make sure all the distribution channels are in order and launch!  So excited about this!  Yes, there will be a launch party (possibly more than one), and I will be doing book tours as well.  I want to make the book available on “Black” Friday as I think this would be a great Christmas present.  So friends, plan your list of who you would like to give the book to and get your copies in time for the Holiday season!


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